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Level Finals
To request your level final please do the following:


In the subject line of your email please put ‘Level Final’ and indicate which level test you are requesting.
Include in your email your login email and login name so your test grades can be verified.
For further information please email

Reiki School Groups
If you are taking the reiki courses here please join our students reiki group

Please email to let us know you are joining our students group

Please be aware this school is not part of any other school.

To access your courses you must sign in with your account details you used to join this school

Contact Us
The Contact Us link on the side menu does not work.

If you have a problem with either the courses or the school or you require further information on anything please email or

Reiki Teachers
If you have completed the three reiki levels and are attuned to master/teacher status then you are eligible to join as a master/teacher and provide distance attunement for reiki school students.

Please email for more information or to apply as a master/teacher to facilitate attunement and grade finals for reiki school.

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